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Visual Impressions Workshops
by Jim Brick

The following photographs and linked photographs were taken over the past few years during my workshops. Also visit my Galleries. I offer workshops along the California coast, California fall colors, and Yosemite (fall, winter, and spring).


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My workshops are geared to work for photographers of all levels. I always choose to help those who want help rather than take photographs myself. If no one wants or needs help, well... I'll do some photographing. I actually call my workshops 'Photography by the Seat of your Pants' because I teach practical photography, in the field. No complicated formulas or other complicated systems to remember, just a simple way to relate all of the necessary photographic elements, such as composition, exposure, development (darkroom or Lightroom), printing (darkroom or ink) without massive mental anguish.

work_big_wave image


One of our most popular workshops is a one day photo excursion down the Pacific Coast between Carmel and Lucia. The weather plays a very important role in determining where we go. So this decision is made on the day of the workshop.

If the weather is clear and sunny, the grandeur of the coastline works well as well as the beaches and Point Lobos. And, of course (weather permitting), sunsets from almost anywhere along the coast.

Sunny coastal picture gallery

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If the weather is overcast, then the streams, such as Limekiln Creek (Limekiln State Park), McWay creek (Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park), Nacimiento River (Los Padres National Forest), etc, are marvelous areas. And, of course, Point Lobos. Point Lobos is actually great in any weather.

Overcast coastal pictures

One of the great photographic opportunities on the coast is low tide at Weston Beach (Point Lobos). Weston Beach is named after Edward Weston who spent an inordinate amount of time photographing here. At low tide, a plethora of photographic opportunities abound including tide pools, rock formations, seaweed abstracts, etc. Of particular interest is when the low tide is a minus tide.

Weston Beach pictures

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Besides the ocean, cliffs, rocks, seaweed, etc, there are forests, streams, fields, and wildflowers to be photographed.

Forests, streams, fields, & wildflower pictures

And, of course, there is Yosemite. I lead several winter and spring three day workshops in Yosemite. Check-out my Yosemite gallery and my Yosemite workshop schedule.

Yosemite pictures

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>>> 2018 Workshop schedule information is under construction <<<